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Jobsite Vacancies for Filipino Seaman – August 2022

Good morning, mga Kabaro! Manning Agency Hiring!

Job vacancies: (August 2022)

Capital Shipmanning Phils. Inc (POEA-026-SB-031621-R-MLC)

Southfield Agencies, Inc. (POEA-014-SB-040122-R-MLC)

Parola Maritime Agency Corporation (POEA 019-SB-021616-R-MLC)

LT Marine (POEA-119-SB12140-R-MLC)

Moreta Shipping Lines (DSS-2006-003-102)

Wilhelmsen-Smith Bell Manning, Inc. (POEA-065-SB-111319-R-MLC)


For manpower pooling only. No fees in any form and/or purpose will be collected from the applicants. Beware of illegal recruiters and human traffickers.

14 thoughts on “Jobsite Vacancies for Filipino Seaman – August 2022”

  1. christopher medes says:

    Thank you

    1. Kabaro App says:

      Hi Kabaro Christopher, just go to the link above. Direct apply po yan sa kanila. Ragards, Kabaro!

  2. Edilio e. Pedroso says:

    Apply sir

    1. Kabaro App says:

      Sendan mo na resume/CV kabaro. Nasa link lang.

  3. Mark alexander pastoral says:

    Apllying for os/messman po

    1. Kabaro App says:

      Hi Kabaro, just click above the quick application forms 👍

  4. Alona Lorzano says:

    Good day ! I’m.interested applicant willing to apply as housekeeper .I have 4 yrs.experience as housekeeping..godbless and have a good day.

    1. Kabaro App says:

      Hi Kabaro, just click above the quick application forms 👍

  5. Richard D. Cusay says:


    1. Kabaro App says:

      Welcome Kabaro!

  6. johnleo Sucayre says:

    applying OS/AB

    1. Kabaro App says:

      Hi bro check out lang sa link. Direct apply yan sa company.

  7. Norberto Cruz says:

    May agw limit p0 ba..50 Yrs old.Wxperienced ab

    1. Kabaro App says:

      hi kabaro try lang apply wala naman mawawala sa pag try. best regards kabaro!

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